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ICR Touch for Restaurants

When it comes to dining out, Touch Point's got it covered.

Incorporates a visual table plan across multiple dining areas and floors.

Displays the status of any given table. Is it in use? How much have diners spent? Has the bill been requested?

Includes a reservation diary. Tables can be booked and deposits accepted months in advance.

Online table reservations system allows customers to book using a PC or mobile phone. Synchronises with the reservation diary.

Stock control - keep track of products and control what's been sold. If the seared tuna has all gone, Touch Point won't let the waiting staff accept any more orders.

Remind servers to ask if the customer prefers fries, or if the steak should be medium. Programme it to your exact requirements and up-sell!

Table analysis - find out which are your most and least popular tables.

Deals with set menus and can swap between them with ease if a diner changes his or her mind.

Touch Point

ICR Touch's flagship till software Touch Point is effortless to use, reliable and proven. Developed over 15 years, thanks to annual software upgrades it remains cutting edge.

We're confident Touch Point is the most reliable software of its kind on the market

Touch Loyalty

ICR Touch's Touch Loyalty is add-on software boasting a host of extra features designed to complement the Touch Point product. Touch Loyalty delivers amazing extras to maximise trade, whether your business is big or small.

Pocket Touch

The Professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders.

This revolutionary software for hand held devices has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industry.

Touch Office

ICR Touch's Touch Office is PC based software for the back office. It is the perfect partner for all the products in the ICR Touch range. Think of it as a virtual version of what's on your shelves and in your cupboards and cellars. It's the same as your business, but you don't have to clean it.

Touch Office boasts unrivalled integration with your tills and other essential hardware. It's reliable, stable and it's been developed and upgraded over 10 years.

Touch Office Web

Touch Office Web is a Cloud-based version of ICR Touch's popular Touch Office Software. Any time, any anywhere in the world, any number of users have access to live and archive sales data and via a computer, tablet, smartphone and more.

Touch Kitchen

ICR Touch's Touch Kitchen transforms the way café and restaurant food orders are processed. From steak and chips to mushroom risotto, a diners choice is displayed on a screen in the kitchen, eliminating the need for paper and print-outs.