• Description

ICR Touch's Touch Office is PC based software for the back office. It is the perfect partner for all the products in the ICR Touch range. Think of it as a virtual version of what's on your shelves and in your cupboards and cellars. It's the same as your business, but you don't have to clean it.

Touch Office boasts unrivalled integration with your tills and other essential hardware. It's reliable, stable and it's been developed and upgraded over 10 years.

Touch Office easily handles the complex tasks of monitoring sales and stock lines, collating information from tills and managing staff and promotions. It displays the information in a familiar PC-Based format.

With Touch Office you'll be able to:

  • Monitor trends
  • Make changes and improvements
  • Compare and chart sales and orders from single lines to entire brands
  • Work out if a product line is seasonal, a best seller, or best consigned to history.
  • Create sales reports that run from the first moment you add a line to Touch Office's virtual shelves, through to how they're performing right now.
  • Monitor a product from order right through to sale or return.
  • Compare supplier's prices.